Registrations will only be open for FOUR WEEKS. Get your child registered ASAP!  

All signups must still be done on-line.

Welcome to Rockridge Ball! 

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Who's ready for Summer 2024 ball?  For return players, use your login from last year and get them registered for the current year when the registration email comes out.  We also welcome any new players!!  Create an account for the parent/guardian and add the players.  You will also be notified in future years when registration opens.  REGISTRATION is OPENING Monday, February 12th!!  
Registration DEADLINE is March 15th! for all participants.  Late registrations will be put on a waiting list but there is no guarantee your player will be put on a team.  IF a wait list player is placed on a team, a late fee of $30 will be imposedWe also are trying to head off any uniform availability and shipping issues.  

General -

The cost is $60 (includes registration/processing fees, full uniform) for T Ball Boys/Girls, J Ball Girls due to no umpires or tournaments.  Senior Boys/Girls will only receive a shirt and a hat for boys.
The cost is $90 (includes registration/processing fees, full uniform) for A,B,C,D Ball for boys and Minors and Juniors Girls.
Late registrants are not guaranteed placement on a team.  Register early so your player doesn't miss out!
All communication from coaches and the league will happen from this site. 

Girls are as follows:  6U (4-6 yrs old) for T Ball, 9U for J Ball, 11U for Minors, 14U for Juniors and 18U for Seniors (19 yr old graduating seniors may play) 
Boys are as follows:  6U (4-6 yrs old) for T Ball, 8U (7-8 yrs old) for D Ball, 10U (9-10 yrs old) for C Ball, 12U (11-12 yrs old) for B Ball, 15U (13-14 yrs old) for A Ball and 18U for Seniors (19 yr old graduating seniors may play)

Rockridge Ball Association